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Find a merchant doesn’t accept PayPal? Not a problem. Purchase a digital gift card using your PayPal account, and then use your gift card as payment with that merchant.

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How It Works

From PayPal to eGift Card, and eGift Card to Retailer

With PayAnyPal, you can buy from a merchant that doesn’t accept PayPal as a payment method. First, use your PayPal account to buy a digital gift card. Then, use that gift card as payment with the merchant. That’s all there is to it.

What To Expect 

A fast and easy way to use PayPal where it is not accepted. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Hundreds of Merchants

PayAnyPal gives you more freedom with how you spend your PayPal balance by offering gift cards from a variety of merchants. Find a merchant that we don’t have? Let us know by submitting a request at the link below!

Secure Checkout

Payments are processed securely with PayPal so you can enjoy all the privacy and security benefits that come with having a PayPal account.

Speedy Delivery

We know you want your gift card as soon as possible. That’s why we process orders 24/7, delivering digital gift cards by email within just 10 minutes.

No Expiration Dates

All gift cards from PayAnyPal do not expire or incur any fees after purchase, so you can take your sweet time using up that balance. Or you can use the full balance immediately, doesn’t matter to us!

Buy eGift Cards With PayPal

Why doesn’t every retailer just accept PayPal?


Sometimes it isn’t in a retailer’s best interest to pay transaction fees to PayPal. For example, Amazon competes with eBay and probably views PayPal’s former ties to eBay as problematic. As a result, Amazon does not accept PayPal.


PayPal charges merchants 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. The sales gained by accepting PayPal might not be worth the additional cost in transaction fees, depending on the processing rates the merchant could find elsewhere and how often customers select PayPal.


Businesses that deliver products without a tracking number (e.g., restaurants) may want more protection than PayPal can offer. PayPal Seller Protection only applies when a merchant provides a tracking number that proves goods were delivered to the customer.

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